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"Perseverance is a good virtue. No results without lobbying. In the end, use brute force."

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Who am I?
You know, the usual stuff - also a photo album of me and my friends, contact information, my CV and working experience and some bookmarks.
pijl.gif (836 bytes) What did I do?
The things that I have been up to till now. A little fairy tale, a number of papers and a copy of my thesis @ the faculty of economics, KULeuven.
pijl.gif (836 bytes) Information security stuff
Past security related projects and coordinates of the university where I was doing a master's degree in information security (RHU London). You'll also find an on-line version of my dissertation on adaptive security management.
pijl.gif (836 bytes)  The best student service provider around : ULYSSIS.


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