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  Smiley :-))Hi. My name is Filip Schepers. In 1997 I finally graduated at the K.U.Leuven, where I spent my time (studying? Hmm...) to become a happy Commercial Engineer in Management Information Systems (Handelsingenieur in de Beleidsinformatica), which is a study that combines economics and computer science.

I live in Aalter (Sint-Maria-Aalter, actually), an expanding community in Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium, in between Ghent and Bruges. However, I used most of my time wandering around in Leuven, probably the finest student city in Belgium (some people won't like this, I'm affraid - sorry good people, come and see for yourself)!

My main interests lie in the field of computing (doesn't our Friend Chandler make his money that sort of way?), but not in any domain in particular (varies from Operating Systems, over Database Management Systems to Datacommunication and Software Engineering). Of course, as our ancestors already knew, we need a "mens insana in corpore morbido", that's why from time to time I (try to) do some sport like soccer, ski, table tennis and of course: pinball. I used to be a member of a great team of people called ULYSSIS (which makes me an alumnus now), and also from a fine club of computer users H.C.C. . Furthermore, studying also means you make friends during the year (to get their notes at the end of the year ?), which in turn means you have to spend nights and nights in the many fine pubs around here... Life can be truly hard, you know.

Smiley |-(I absolutely hate accounting (this I have in common with the funniest people ever, Monty Python's Flying Circus) and any classes that take place before noon. Special interests? Yes, you know... Information Security! Especially network security. Why? Let me quote an expert in the field:

"The Internet protocol suite is extensively deployed both within and across organisations. Its simplicity and scalability for both local- and wide-area usage are largely responsible for its dominance over the other approaches such as the OSI protocol suite and various proprietary schemes. Security, however, is not a property which has been designed into the protocols: they assume a co-operative environment where the inter-operating machines are not likely to be the target -or the source! - of malicious attack. As the installed base of machines running the Internet protocol suite changes from multi-user machines with some form of access control and restrictions on the actions of individual users to PCs and small dedicated servers, such an assumption becomes unsafe."
Stefek Zaba, HP labs, Bristol - Member of the IETF

The idea is that my current stay abroad at  Royal Holloway University should give me more insight in security issues. Also, it should enlargen my "international exposure"... After all, aren't we living in a society that becomes more and more multicultural and globally oriented? And I guess it is working; out of a total student population of about 7.000, this place houses about 30% non-British students (I think).

Other interests? Music: in particular dIRE sTRAITS and Talking Heads. Also some groovy-jazzy-funky stuff (El Fish for example), or a bit harder (Split Window  - Down to zero (555K) - I shouldn't forget my guitar-cousin, should I?). And then there  is some quite nice party music for Volcano-occasions or nights in Blankenberge (de "Hoer der Badsteden"): Shaggy - Boombastic (48K) and Dr. Palmtree Alban - Sing Hallelujah (320K).

Smiley ;-)Now, if you think that pictures say more than words, have a look at my photo album (requires a browser with Javascript support).

That's about it - for more details, have a look at my curriculum vitae. Thanks for visiting this page! I'd love you to sign my guestbook, but I haven't got one. You can have a look at some of my bookmarks however. So, see you around around some time...Smiley :-(

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