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Academic Information security Workflow Varia Commercial

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Search engines and related stuff

Zoek- en navigatiematrix - search and navigation matrix - Very good !!
Let's Webbel - site index
AltaVista: Vereenvoudigd Zoeken - search robot - shortcut to Altavista Europe (Dutch)
FTP search v3.5
Deja News - very good index of newsgroups, with search facilities
Infobel welcome - Telephone numbers in Belgium
Belgium Online - Learn about Belgium

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Linux, UNIX, Windows NT and different aspects of these OS's

The Linux Cyrix/IBM 6x86 mini-HOWTO
MkLinux-PA support
Rufus RPM database
Windows NT Tips
32 Bit Download Center

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Computer Hardware related

The BIOS Survival Guide

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Networking


pijl.gif (836 bytes) HTML authoring and related

HTML Design Guide Main Page
HTML Validation Tools
JavaScript Authoring Guide

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Academic institutions and student organisations

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Student Web Tree - KUL - Student organisation providing student services and Internet support
Faculty of Arts - Makes very good use of information and communication technology
Index of /public
Royal Holloway and Bedford New College - University of London
RHUL Computer Science: MSc Courses: Information Security
UK Sensitive Map - Universities
EPSRC Home page
JANET: Home Page

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Information security

Inernet Security Systems
SAIC Security - Security Documents
NIST Computer Security Special Publications
MSc in Information Security1996-97

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Workflow, groupware,... and standardisation

Boring really, but if you are an accountant:
Workflow Management Coalition
WoW! - Workflow on the Web
What is CORBA ?
The OMG's Home Page

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Varia

Monty Python Sketch - Say no more, say no more!! (Nudge, nudge - know what I mean?)
Index of /~jokes/jokes/archive/mp
WebLink's Wenskaarten Wereld - nice and cheap birthday cards :-)
LAOLA Homepage, Jun/30/97
WebLink's Wenskaarten Wereld

pijl.gif (836 bytes) Various commercial organisations

O'Reilly Home Page
Inso Corporation
De Multimedia Postorder Lijn
StarNet Communications Corporation
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